Frequently asked questions

"What does it cost to have my items shipped?"

We ship all our goods by Post Denmark / Post Nord. You can choose from 2 different shipping methods:

- To parcel box / Post office (This is free)

- Direct to the door with Track and Trace (Costs 29kr)

"I have ordered something but would like to change my order (a different size, color, model)"

It is no problem if you have not received an email that your order has been shipped. Just write to and tell us what needs to be changed.

"I have ordered something, but I would like to add something to my order"

No problem if you did not receive an email stating that your order was shipped. Just place an order more on what you want sent. Then we fix the shipping cost when we ship your order so you don't pay more to have your goods shipped than it actually costs. REMEMBER to write to that you have made more orders so we do not overlook it :)

"I received an item that is wrong in relation to what I ordered"

OH NO! - We are sorry! - Unfortunately, we are only human and therefore make mistakes! - write to us at and we'll probably find out!

"I received a defective item!"

No where are you just unlucky! - We are sorry! :(

Write to us at and we will find out how to solve it. please take a picture of the error! Please do not return the defective item before writing to us. We want to see what the problem is first :)

"I order from a country outside the EU, do I have to pay Danish VAT?"

No, as soon as you choose that your delivery address is outside the EU, our system will deduct the Danish VAT. However, you can still run the risk of your order being processed in the country in which we ship it. This is not money we charge and we have no influence on this.