Alabu/Aalborg coin Pendant 925s Silver

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Aalborg coin as a pendant, made of genuine 925s Sterling silver.

This coin was originally found in Lindholm Høje. With Latin script on both front and back, this is a piece of jewelry with history and authenticity!

The original coin is from Aalborg and minted under King Hardeknud (1035-1042), here recreated as a beautiful copy with clear details.

The coin reads:

Text on page 1 - ALFRIC ON ALABU: Alfric (the mint master) in Alabu (Aalborg)

Text on page 2 - HARDEKNUT NUN (NUN possibly shortening and washing out "in nomine dei" (in the name of the Lord)

The coin is 2.3cm in diameter. The hole that the chain must pass through is 3mm large, and all chains of 3mm and smaller fit this pendant.

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