Beard beads / Hair ornaments Celtic Silver

Beard beads / Hair ornaments Celtic Silver

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Beard bead with nice woven pattern, made of genuine 925s Sterling Silver.

If you love Viking jewelry, there is a high probability that you have a very nice beard, and this can of course be decorated!

A beautiful infinity knot that symbolizes eternal life and has been found throughout the Viking Age. The bead is also decorated with runes on the edge both above and below. The pearl has a raw expression thanks to the cool texture in the middle of the pearl, where the glossy infinity knot stands out beautifully. With our beard beads, you can really get a nice and unique look that matches the authentic heart you have!

Our beard beads can of course also be used in the hair, for dreadlocks or as jewelery in a bracelet or necklace.

This beard bead is 15mm long and 9mm wide. The hole itself is 7mm large.