A Thor's Hammer pendant looks beautiful on either a leather cord or, for example, an anchor chain made of genuine silver! - luckily we both have!

Leather laces in many different designs.

If you are into the more authentic look when it comes to Viking jewelery and medieval jewelery, then the leather cord is a perfect match! - our leather necklaces are made of genuine leather, and either coated, braided or twisted. Of course, if our leather necklaces have metal closure, this one is made of real silver.

We at Ydale find that the thinner silver snake chains are beautiful for the smaller, more feminine Thor's hammer pendants. But you buy a Thor's Hammer in for example. bronze, it may not match that well with a silver chain. Then we think the leather cord fits better!

Anchor chain for men and women in silver

Probably Denmark's largest selection of silver anchor chains. From the very thin chains of 0.3mm, to the heavy thick anchor chains for men of 5.5mm!

Silver or steel chains, what should I choose?

It is entirely up to you! - the difference is small, but it is there.

A real silver necklace shines like steel when you buy it, but will eventually get the beautiful matte white color we know from silver. Steel, on the other hand, will continue to shine.

Both are of course metals that can withstand. Neither our steel nor silver necklaces turn green or copper colored as you know it from cheap jewelry. Silver is more expensive than steel, but if you love the more authentic white color as silver for after use, then it's clearly worth the money!