Tree of Life Necklaces

Yggdrasil, also known as the Tree of Life, a mighty ash tree that played a central role in Norse mythology. Yggdrasil's crown grew right up to the sky and the tree's roots reached out to the different worlds; Asgard, Jotunheim and the underground Hel.

Here at Ydale, we are quite fond of the beautiful tree, and the significance it had for Norse mythology. You can therefore also find a large selection of fine and unique necklaces and pendants at reasonable prices. See the large selection on this page and choose just the Tree of Life necklace to wear around your neck.

Buy Tree of Life necklaces and pendants

The Tree of Life has many meanings and has been used in various contexts. In the Old Testament, the Tree of Life is the tree that gives eternal life, but to which man loses access when Adam and Eve eat from the tree of knowledge. In Norse mythology, it is a world tree that connects heaven and earth.

Besides Thor's hammer , the Tree of Life is probably the most recognized symbol from Norse mythology. At Ydale you can buy various jewelery with the fine life tree symbol. You will find, among other things:

  • The Tree of Life in various motifs and designs
  • Tree of Life pendant in bronze, sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver
  • Mini Tree of Life pendant
  • Necklace, where the pendant is made of black veneered wood

Looking for other Tree of Life jewelry? See our entire selection of jewelery with the fine motif here.