Viking earrings and silver creoles

Do you also love medieval-style jewelry and do you also dream back to a time when jewelry had charm and was beautiful and unique?

We at Ydale have a large selection of earrings with moonstone, garnet, turquoise and amethyst, among others. Our earrings are made of real silver.

The earrings at Ydale.dk, whether it's earrings, ethnic inspired creoles or earrings, are hand-picked so there is something for everyone. Romantic, raw, and divine. It's just about hunting!

Unique earrings at a fair price

Our earrings are priced so everyone can join in, the Celtic design and the Viking inspired in our jewelry is evident ranging from our elven earrings, to our beautiful ethnic creoles. Tree of life as earrings is one of our most popular motifs and we always try to have more than a few in stock!

Jewelry with history

We have many jewelery there are museum copies, each with its own unique history. But also many new inventions and unique jewelry in the Viking and medieval style. Although the jewelery finds their inspiration in the past, they can easily come in new and exciting designs!