Thor's Hammer Pendant

Thor's hammer pendant made of real silver, steel and bronze!

The Thorshammer, also known as Mjølner, is the perfect Viking jewelery if you walk with a small (or large) ash inside the belly!

We have a great selection of medieval jewelry, both museum copies and recent reinterpretations of the classic Thor's hammer!

Thor's Hammer pendant of silver

We have a huge selection of Thor's Hammer pendants for necklaces, whether you are a big Viking of a man, or find a nips of a lady (or vice versa)

Our Silver Thors Hammers come in two versions, either in hollow or solid. This means that you can get a Thor's Hammer of real silver without costing a whole farm. If, on the other hand, you are into genuine, heavy jewelry, you can buy our more expensive solid silver jewelry, or our steel versions that are cheaper.

Quality and price.

When you buy jewelry you want quality, but at the same time you would rather not pay too much.

We try at reasonable prices at Ydale, even if we have high quality jewelry.

Our jewelry is either made of real silver, steel (Stainless or Surgical) or Bronze, brass and copper.