Ring Size

How to reach your ring size?

Ring sizes are very difficult, but we have tried to make a small guide here:

Our ring target is the circumference of the ring and that is the target you get if you do as shown in our video below.

We have a converter here, so you have an idea of which circumference measure corresponds to the different ring dimensions:

Size Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm)
6 52mm 16,5mm
6.5 53mm 16,8mm
6.75 54mm 17,1mm
7.25 55mm 17,4mm
7.5 56mm 17,8mm
8 57mm 18,1mm
8.5 58mm 18,4mm
8.75 59mm 18,7mm
9.25 60mm 19mm
9.5 61mm 19,3mm
10 62mm 19,7mm
10.4 63mm 20mm
10.75 64mm 20,3mm
11.2 65mm 20,6mm
11.5 66mm 20,9mm
12 67mm 21,3mm
12.25 68mm 21.6 mM
12.5 69mm 22mm
13 70mm 22,3mm
13.5 71mm 22,6mm
13.75 72mm 22,9mm