Bracelet Bangle - Eryn Design - Majestic

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A beautiful open bracelet made of oxidized silver, with 8kt gold details.

This beautiful nature-inspired silver bracelet is made of real silver and has an elegant and raw look.

The bracelet has two hematite stones. The hematite stones are dark gray and have a metallic luster that gives a sense of depth and texture to the bracelet. Hematite is also known to have the energy of earth and stone, making the bracelet a symbolic accessory that connects you with nature.

In the middle of the bracelet you will find a beautiful oval garnet stone. The garnet stone is deep red and has a beautiful luster that gives a warm and elegant feel to the bracelet. Garnets are known for their strength and protection, and the stone also symbolizes passion and love.

Wire thickness: 3mm
width: 6.3 cm
Height: 17mm
Garnet width: 14mm
Hematite diameter: 6mm

About Eryn Design:
Eryn Design is Danish design and handmade jewelery in Denmark. Eryn Design is a Jesper Bendix brand and all jewelery bearing the name Eryn Design is handmade by Jesper.

Jesper also accepts special orders. Finally, write to us at

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