Bracelet Hedeby Coin Bronze

Bracelet Hedeby Coin Bronze

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The Hedeby coin on a leather bracelet!

This fantastic piece of jewelery is inspired by one of the Hedeby coins. Hedeby was one of the Vikings' most important cities due to its strategic location and proximity to major trade routes. It was also here that the Vikings began to produce their own coins in the 8th and 9th centuries.

Around the middle of the 11th century, the city was destroyed, and thus no more Hedeby coins were produced thereafter. The original Hedeby coin is on display at the Wikingermuserum Haithabu in Schleswig.

This beautiful bracelet represents a beautiful Viking ship, the most feared and iconic from the Viking Age. The Viking ships were versatile and allowed the Vikings to raid and conquer our neighbours.

Hedeby coins were the first Nordic coins, which were struck at the beginning of the 8th century in the Viking town of Hedeby in southern Jutland.

This copy of the Hedeby coin is slightly smaller than the original - namely 10mm in diameter, where the original was approx. 11 mm.

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