Bracelet Oseberg 925s Sterling Silver

Bracelet Oseberg 925s Sterling Silver

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Bracelet with braided pattern, made of 925s Sterling Silver.

The bracelet's pattern is inspired by similar patterns found on the Oseberg wagon found in Norway.

The Oseberg find is a lavish burial from the year 834 found in 1903 and is one of the most impressive finds ever. The find includes, among other things, a long ship , 12-15 horse skeletons, a wagon, four sledges, tent poles, five beds, chests, a chair, textile tools, a lot of kitchen and tableware as well as tools for outdoor work.

In a burial chamber behind the ship's mast, the skeletons of two women, presumably a queen and a slave woman, were found. Unfortunately, however, the mound was broken into long before the official discovery, and therefore many of the skeletons and some grave goods were missing. However, there is no doubt that this funeral was magnificent.

The pattern on this fantastic piece of jewelery is of snakes, which in the Viking Age were associated with fertility and immortality.

The bracelet is approx. 20cm long and closes with the small slit that can be seen in the middle of the picture.

A bracelet far beyond the usual and certainly one of our most beautiful pieces of jewellery.

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