Brooch Trefliget 925s Silver

Brooch Trefliget 925s Silver

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A beautiful and authentic brooch in real silver!

This piece of jewelry is strongly inspired by a three-lobed buckle Vaagstad,
Ullensaker, Akh. in Norway. A similar buckle has also been found in a woman's grave at Lejre in Zealand, but it is unfortunately impossible to know when the finds originally originated.

It is known that female Vikings used brooches or buckles to close their cloaks, and the material of the brooch showed the woman's status in society - if she was rich, the brooch was made of gold or silver, while the poor used brooches of bronze or tin.

The brooch's three lobes are reminiscent of the triad or the triangular Celtic knot symbolizing the infinity and evolution of life. The brooch is decorated with beautiful patterns of fine lines that overlap and weave in and out between each other.

This piece of jewelry has a diameter of 51 mm and is made of genuine 925s silver.

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