Flot og stort vikingesmykke med flotte fabeldyr, lavet af ægte 925s Sterling Sølv! - Dette vedhæng er hele 3,8cm stort. Så er man til Museumssmykker, er dette helt klart et smykke der er værd at overveje!

Fabulous Animal Pendants 925s Sterling Silver

  • $102.00

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Super nice and large pendant made of genuine 925s Sterling Silver!

An unparalleled Viking piece! - this great round medallion is one of the bigger findings made, and incredibly detailed. With two beautiful fabulous animals in symmetrical position opposite each other, this is a perfect piece of jewelry that one could give their partner!

The pendant is 3.8cm in diameter. The hole chain through is 3mm large and all chains of 3mm and smaller fit this pendant!

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