Finger ring - Eryn Design - Kyanite

Finger ring - Eryn Design - Kyanite

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Beautiful and aesthetically simple finger ring, made of 925s Sterling silver.

With its clean lines, this ring has a very elegant look to it. The base the stone rests in is made of brass, and gives a nice golden play to the shiny silver.

The stone on this ring is a Kyanite a beautiful and unique stone, with its characteristic blue, gray and green colors that change in bands and stripes, this is a stone that stands out from the crowd.

With its calming and balancing properties, kyanite can also be used in meditation and to create a peaceful atmosphere in any room.

The size of this ring is 54, i.e. a circumference of 54mm.

Height: 12mm
Kyanite diameter: 10mm

About Eryn Design:
Eryn Design is Danish design and handmade jewelery in Denmark. Eryn Design is a Jesper Bendix brand and all jewelery bearing the name Eryn Design is handmade by Jesper.

Jesper also accepts special orders. Finally, write to us at

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