Finger ring - Eryn Design - Void

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A beautiful nature-inspired finger ring made of 925s Sterling Silver, but beautiful 8kt. gold details.

This ring is clearly inspired by the forest and nature. Eryn means forest in Elvish, and it is clear that the name was chosen because of Jesper's primary source of inspiration; the nature.

White moonstone is an enchanting and beautiful gemstone that has a unique luster and color. This stone has a color that ranges from a bright white to a soft bluish tone, and its luster resembles the moonlight, giving the stone its name.

White moonstone is said to symbolize mystery, intuition and femininity. Moonstone is said to help increase intuition and open the unconscious mind, allowing for a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around us.

Wire thickness: 4mm
Size: 58mm (in circumference)
Height: 15mm
Moonstone diameter: 6mm

About Eryn Design:
Eryn Design is Danish design and handmade jewelery in Denmark. Eryn Design is a Jesper Bendix brand and all jewelery bearing the name Eryn Design is handmade by Jesper.

Jesper also accepts special orders. Finally, write to us at

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