Pendant - Eryn Design - Altar

Pendant - Eryn Design - Altar

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A nature-inspired pendant, made of 925s Sterling silver with 8kt. gold details.

The jewelery is inspired by nature and is created to express a sense of natural beauty and elegance.

The red jasper is a strong and beautiful stone, which is framed in an oxidized silver, which gives the piece an antique and rustic feel. The piece also has small 8kt gold details which are discreetly placed and add a sense of elegance and luxury to the piece.

But at the same time as the jewelry's aesthetic value, it is also created to give a feeling of natural beauty and tranquility. Nature is a source of inspiration, and the jewelery is designed to awaken the feeling of peace and harmony in the wearer. It can be a reminder to take time to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Chain sold separately.

Height: 28mm
Width: 18mm
Jasper measures: 14x20mm

About Eryn Design:
Eryn Design is Danish design and handmade jewelery in Denmark. Eryn Design is a Jesper Bendix brand and all jewelery bearing the name Eryn Design is handmade by Jesper.

Jesper also accepts special orders. Finally, write to us at

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