Meet - The original Nordic drink!

Mjød is the drink we associate with the Viking Age and the Nordic and not without reason! - Mjd can be dated as much as 5000 years back in time. Mjød is fermented on honey and cannot be compared to Beer. Mjød was considered a luxury drink during the Viking era, which was used only on the finest occasions. The meeting was also known as the Drink of the Gods.

What does mead taste like?

Mood is like wine and beer, in the sense that there can be a world of difference in taste from mead type to mead type. The drier a mead, the more sharp the taste will be. A sweet mead with a high sugar content, on the other hand, will be rounder and fuller in taste. You can get mead reminiscent of dessert wine and port wine.

Fast delivery of Mjød in Denmark

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