Dreamcatchers in Denmark, big and small!

In addition to having a large selection of Viking jewelery and Thor's silver and steel hammers, we also have one of Denmark's largest selection of dream catchers!

We try to have both lifelike and authentic dream catchers, but also beautiful and unique dream catchers. Among other things we have a dream catcher with Yggdrasil woven into!

The target you see on our dream catcher is the diameter of the largest of the wheels of the dream catcher. When you click on a dream catcher you will also be able to see how long the dream catcher is.

Cheap Dreamcatchers and Free Shipping!

We probably have Denmark's largest range of dream catchers. From the very small ones that can hang in the rear view mirror in the car. To the giant big ones that adorn a whole wall!

We try to have a wide variety of colors and variants, so there is little to suit every taste!

What is a dream catcher?

Dreamcatchers should be told to remove nightmares and evil thoughts if you hang them over your bed. Unfortunately, whether this works or not, we cannot be wise. One thing is for sure though! - Dreamcatchers are beautiful, decorative and dreamcatchers are available in endless versions!

We ship day to day! - then you need a dream catcher as a gift, we have fast and secure delivery!