About Ydale.dk

We at Ydale make a virtue of two things:

- Quality

- Service

We do this by having only the best in stock. That is, either the jewelry is made of Silver, Steel or Bronze.

Furthermore, we respond quickly to emails (same day) and ship goods with 1-2 days delivery!

We sell a large selection of Thor's Hammer pendants for necklaces, beautiful ethnic earrings, fairytale rivers rings with moonstones and other great medieval jewelry.

We try to renew our selection on an ongoing basis, so there are things that will sometimes sell out, but these can easily be ordered back home!

We at Ydale love Nordic mythology, the Nordic gods and the old-fashioned design! Through our Danish wholesalers we have a beautiful selection of both finger rings for men with Mjølner, beautiful creol earrings with patterns and Thor's hammer jewelry in both silver, steel and bronze!

If you, like us, are passionate about Viking jewelry, Celtic design or bronze ax heads, then we hope you can find some with us.

We have stock in Roskilde and can therefore ship everything with fast delivery, usually 1-2 days!

If you have any questions, or are there anything specific you are looking for, then finally write! - maybe we can dig it out!