Viking brooches and ring pins!

Brooches and ring pins from the Viking Age!

Beautiful and authentic brooches and ring pins inspired by the Viking Age and the Middle Ages! - Big and small, our brooches are beautiful and unique in every way! - Brooches can of course be used for medieval markets, but are also beautiful on a long coat, a bag or whatever else you want to add up with something adventurous!

Viking Brooches in Silver and Bronze!

We at Ydale are very high in quality! - That's why we only use the best suppliers for our jewelry! - Of course, there are both the solemnity stamp and the name stamp in our silver jewelery, so you are sure of the quality. Our bronze jewelery is beautiful and the quality is really loved!

No long delivery times.

We have Danish stock at, which means that all our products are in stock and shipped the same day as they were ordered. Our packages are generally promoted 1-2 days after!