Necklaces of Silver

Silver anchor chains for men

A large, mighty Thor's Hammer pendant can look great either on a leather cord or on a beautiful anchor chain made of real silver!

Silver is the expensive alternative, but in our opinion it is also worth it! - The beautiful authentic color silver gets with time is second to none! Viking jewelery and medieval jewelry should preferably be on a chain of genuine silver!

Silver necklace or Leather necklace for my medieval pendant?

Both have their charms and nothing is right or wrong!

The leather lace has the authentic look, which of course belongs to jewelry from the Viking age. It is also best suited for jewelry made of Copper, Bronze or Brass.

But the silver necklace is beautiful and comes in a myriad of designs and sizes. Here you can really find a chain that fits perfectly with your Thor's Hammer pendant.

We have a large selection of both real silver and snake anchor chains. If you need a certain thickness or length, we are happy to investigate if this is something we can get!

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