Mjødgård - Mead brewed at Quality

Mjødgård - Denmark's oldest mead distillery

Mjødgård is a microbrewery that specializes in brewing mead. Mjødgård has a brewery in Dalby, on the border between Stevns and Faxe municipalities. The brewery is set up in a historic setting, in one of the old Heering liqueur halls. The brewery was started by Odd Castmar in 2008 in Djursland. In January 2018, I (Thomas Priiskorn) took over Mjødgård, and am today Mjødgård's owner and brewer.

In connection with the change of ownership, the brewery moved to East Zealand, from where their gourmet mead is still brewed.
The whole concept and vision behind Mjødgård is to brew a mead of the highest quality. Ydale.dk is very proud to be able to offer our customers mead from Mjødgård