Pendants for necklaces from the Middle Ages.

Thors Hammere, Medieval / Viking Jewelery in Steel, Bronze and Silver!

Tree of Life pendant silver, Bronze and Steel

We have a huge selection of, among other things, the tree of life and beautiful museum copies from all over Denmark! - if you love authentic jewelry, is a great place to shop!

Thor's Hammer - Known worldwide!

Mjölner is the epitome of Danish history and our past, and is a fantastic symbol of strength! - So the question is not so much whether you should have a Thors Hammer, but more which Thors Hammer to choose!

Steel is cheaper than silver, but still great quality, here you can get a large and solid Thors Hammer, without having to lend neither house nor garden!

Medieval silver pendants are absolutely unique in their color! - they have personality and only become more beautiful with time!

Danish stock and delivery day to day!

Finally we have Viking jewelery in Bronze and Brass. These are most similar to Museum Copies, and are probably the most authentic!

So what to choose? - you must let your heart decide for yourself!