Beard and Hair Beads

Beard and hair beads in Silver, Steel and Bronze.

At Ydale we have a large selection of beard and hair beads for both men and women!
Our beard beads are perfect for keeping track of the long beard, or for decorating dreadlocks. Whatever the shiny steel look, or the more authentic bronze look, we have the beard and hair beads for you!

Beard jewelery with Runes!

Here at ydale we have a large selection of bearded pearls with runes on! - each rune is unique and has its own meaning, number and letter. this makes them ideal as a gift! - we also have them both in genuine 925s Sterling silver, as well as steel if you need a cheaper alternative.

Beads for Bracelets.

If you do not have beautiful thick dreadlocks or a beard that would embarrass Holes Danish, then you can also use our shadow jewelry for the necklace or bracelet. Eg. our rune beard beads are really good for a leather cord.