Pendants of Silver

Jewelry inspired by the Viking Age!

Viking jewelry and Thor's Hammers pendants for necklaces in real silver!

A beautiful silver necklace with Yggdrasil, Mjölner or a Celtic knot. It's not to be mistaken!

All our silver jewelery is stamped with 925. Which means they are made of what we call everyday silver!

We try to have a great selection of both medieval jewelry, museum prints and beautiful adventurous pendants of 925 sterling silver!

Thor's hammer of sterling silver!

Sterling silver is beautiful, durable and a beautiful color! - the jewelery starts off glossy and shiny and will eventually become a nice matte white color. If you like the glossy look, the jewelry can be easily brushed up and you get a beautiful and glossy jewelry again!

We have a large selection of Viking jewelery in silver, both small Thor's hammers and big ax heads!

And then you do not get around a dragon or two every now and then!

The Tree of Life, and many other jewelry from the Viking Age!

We have probably Denmark's largest selection of jewelry inspired by the Viking Age! - if you are fascinated by the Middle Ages, then is definitely worth a look!