Tree of Life Necklaces

Here you can find our selection of stylish tree of life necklaces in several different materials. Our beautiful Yggdrasil necklaces are available in authentic steel, beautiful silver, traditional bronze or leather.

We at Ydale love the Yggdrasil motif and all jewelery with this motif. With us you will not only find necklaces, but also a wide selection of earrings , bracelets and, for those who want to feel like a real Viking, our fantastic drinking horns . All our jewelery is made of high quality materials and is available in different sizes and models.

Buy tree of life necklaces in silver, steel, bronze or leather

Yggdrasil is one of the most well-known symbols from Norse mythology and history. The tree of life is often the inspiration behind many modern mythological trees in fantasy and science fiction. During the Viking Age, Yggdrasil was an important symbol that was considered to unite the different parts of the universe that Asa gods and humans lived in. Today, the Tree of Life is a beautiful symbol that adorns many popular jewelry, especially necklaces and pendants .

At Ydale you can find tree of life necklaces in various models. Our tree of life necklaces in silver are particularly popular due to the quality material, which retains its shine for many years if you take good care of the necklace.

In addition to silver, we also have necklaces in leather, bronze and steel, perfect for those who want a more authentic touch, for example if you are going to a medieval market or fair. No matter which material you choose, you can trust that you will receive a necklace of the highest quality when you order from us. Our jewelery is carefully selected and comes from well-established jewelery manufacturers who attach great importance to durability and quality.

The tree of life necklace in different models

We have several tree of life necklaces in different models that suit all different situations. Are you looking for a nice silver necklace for everyday use? Do you want a leather necklace that really feels like Viking jewelry?

At Ydale you can find just what you are looking for. Feel free to combine our necklaces with a stylish brooch or a pair of earrings with the Yggdrasil motif to create a complete look. We have a range that has something for every taste, and you are guaranteed to find a nice tree of life necklace or Viking jewelery that suits you and your style.

Find a tree of life necklace at Ydale

With our large selection of Viking jewelery and tree of life necklaces, it is easy to find a nice piece of jewelery that you will love and use for many years. Our beautiful necklaces in silver, steel, bronze and leather are made with a focus on quality and fantastic craftsmanship. In addition to jewellery, you can also find dreamcatchers with Yggdrasil here.

If you are looking for something more robust and manly, our other Viking jewelery with, for example, Thor's Hammer or Odin's mask may be the right choice. Do you want to give a Viking piece of jewelry as a gift, but you don't know which piece of jewelry to choose? Buy a gift card and let the recipient choose the jewelery themselves. A gift card from Ydale can be the best gift for people who are interested in Viking culture and Norse mythology. You are always welcome to contact us here if you have questions or need help choosing which material suits you best. Order your modern Viking jewelery and accessories here.