Brooch Fibula Jelling Silver

Brooch Fibula Jelling Silver

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Brooch / Buckle made of real 925s Sterling silver in a beautiful and authentic Viking design!

A nice brooch (and pendant) made in Jelling style and inspired by similar finds from around 900 AD found in Norway and Denmark. Jelling style means that the motif of the jewelery imitates the style seen on finds from Jelling, including the Jelling Stone and the Jelling Beaker.

With beautiful mythical beasts shaped like bats and dragons woven into each other, this is a brooch sure to be the envy of everyone in your path.

This span is approx. 63mm long and 35mm wide. The needle goes on the long link, and the buckle also has a chain hole, so you can also use it as a necklace. The hole the chain must go through is 4mm, and all chains of 4mm or less fit this pendant.

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