Kongemjød The Taste Palette

Kongemjød The Taste Palette

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Here we have collected all 3 royal meads for you, who do not want to miss a thing!

This package consists of one of each of the fantastic strains of brew Kongemjød from Mjødgård.

Harald Blåtand:

Haralds Mjød is brewed with Mediterranean spices. A scent that clearly characterizes the mead.
The spice composition of the mead gives a lovely taste experience, which just tingles a little on the sharp side.

Ideal for dark chocolate, ice cream, cake and coffee.

Ingredients: Water, Danish honey, apples, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, oak and yeast. Contains sulphite.

Sven Tveskæg:

Sven's mead, a solid mead brewed with the Scandinavian mead herb. Slåen berries give the mead an acidity that gives the impression of a dry mead, with a fresh fruity taste. The mead herb stands out well in the mead and gives a spicy aftertaste that lingers in the mouth.

A mead that stands solidly at your cheese board or a sweet dessert. Sven's mead is good to share at various pagan festivals.

Ingredients: Water, Danish honey, slåen, mead herb, oak and yeast. Contains sulphite.
Store in the dark.

Gorm the old:

Gorm the old man's mead is a sweet mead, with great richness in taste, with a lovely fruity apple scent. The apples add acidity to the mead and create a fine balance for the powerful late summer honey. The kvan plant gives a slightly spicy aftertaste that sticks to the palate.

Ingredients: Water, Danish honey, apples, kvan, oak and yeast. Contains sulphite.
Store in the dark.

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