Viking ship Ribe Decoration (29cm)

Viking ship Ribe Decoration (29cm)

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If you are looking for a good and strong symbol of both the Viking Age and Danish history, then you have found it!

Many believe that the Viking Age started in Norwegian fjords, but a new Danish study has actually found that the Viking Age began in Ribe! Already in the year 700, a market place was founded, which the Vikings used as a central point for trade - this market place has developed over the last 1300 years into Ribe, as we know it today! Ribe is therefore not only Denmark's oldest city, but all of Scandinavia, and an important place in Danish and Viking history!

So if you both love history and delicious Scandinavian design, then this decoration is perfect for you! The decoration is cut out of black veneered wood, depicts an iconic and classic Viking ship and must be assembled at home. The ship can also be used as, for example, a wine holder or similar.

The decoration is 12 cm high, 8 cm wide and 29 cm long

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