Mjødgård Taste palette (350ml)

Mjødgård Taste palette (350ml)

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"Just one of each thank you!"

It is sometimes difficult to choose, which is why we have made a total offer on the delicious 35cl bottles from Mjødgård, so you can taste all the variants and find the one you think should stand firm in the cupboard for guests!

The package is also perfect as a gift!

Each bottle is 350ml and you get one of each (4 bottles in total)

Shelf mead:

The familiar summer scent of shelf flower, and a good full flavor.
The aftertaste is long, with a solid base of light bitter substances.
The sweetness is at the lower end. Serve ice-cooled as an aperitif, or steaming hot by small mugs. Enjoy the shelf cold with e.g. vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate.

These are the brewer's selections when offering a welcome aperitif, a cold drink in the summer heat or as a substitute for Christmas liquor.

Ingredients: Water, Danish honey, shelf flower, yeast. Guiding. 15% alcohol

Forest mead:

All the good from the Danish forests gathered in a mead. The acidity of the forest carriers provides a nice counterpoint to the honey in this mead. It has a rich bottom with the taste of the oak. A delicate and lovely aftertaste. A mead where the taste of the berries and the acidity has been allowed to dominate, which makes this mead stand out most from the other brews.

Suitable for any dessert table, served cold for cheeses, ice cream, fruit, cake and dark chocolate.

This is the brewer's favorite to brew. It is a fun meadow to put together, thanks to the many flavors in this brew.

Ingredients: Water, Danish honey, blackberry, blackcurrant, forest strawberries, ribs, oak and yeast. Guiding. 15% alcohol

Pure Mood:

Pure Nut is brewed exclusively on pure honey. Here is used the best and most flavorful late summer honey. This summer's floral blossom adds a slight flavor to the encounter, with fine shades of bitters from the honey's unique terroir.

A bit of heather honey adds a well-balanced base of flavors and bitters. Pure mead is the most versatile mead. It is ideally suited for spicy dishes, for marinating or as a dessert wine.
- This is the brewer's "kitchen mead" which, in addition to its classic and pure mead flavor, is perfect to use in the kitchen when making dressings, marinade etc.

Water, Danish honey, yeast. Guiding. 16% alcohol


Meadow herb is a semi-sweet mead, where the flavors of the meadow add a fruity experience, as well as diminishing the sweetness. A unique mead, with a very special character and personality. The herb herb is ideal for marinating game, for the cheese table, dark chocolate, ice cream or in a welcome drink.

- This is the brewer's favorite who recommends this mead as a special companion to the good cheese.

Ingredients: Water, Danish honey, meadow herb, yeast. Guiding. 15% alcohol