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Yggdrasil, also known as the Tree of Life, played a central role in Norse mythology. The Tree of Life has several symbolic meanings, and it is, among other things, a symbol of eternal life and renewal, power and strength as well as wisdom and insight. Anyone who is fascinated by the Viking Age or the Middle Ages knows about the Tree of Life, as Yggdrasil was an important part of their cultural and religious beliefs.

In our range, we have several different Tree of Life jewellery. Among other things, you can find Tree of Life earrings as well as necklaces and rings, which you can both adorn yourself with and be enchanted by the many symbolic meanings associated with the tree.

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Large selection of Tree of Life earrings

At Ydale we have a sea of ​​Tree of Life earrings, all of which represent life. In the assortment, we have both Tree of Life studs and hanging earrings with Tree of Life pendants. The common denominator for all our jewelery in the category is that all earrings are nickel-free, and that you can find jewelery in everything from bronze and silver to gold-plated sterling silver. The selection is romantic, raw and divine, and you can be sure to find jewelery in authentic Viking style. Explore our Tree of Life jewelry and find your next earrings.

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