Brooch Fabulous animal in Urnes style 925s Silver

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Beautiful real silver brooch in authentic style!

This fantastic brooch is a copy of an original found at Roskilde, which has a rich Viking history. The original piece of jewelery is from the last half of the 1000s, so from the last part of the Viking Age. If you want to see the original find, it is on display at the National Museum!

The motif on the brooch shows a mythical beast surrounded by snakes, and this symbolizes the battle between good and evil. The style in which this piece of jewelry is made is called Urnes Stil, as it is named after wood carvings in the Urnes Stave Church in Norway. The Vikings had many different styles over time, but the Urnes Style was the last.

The brooch is made of bronze and is 37 x 45 mm.

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