Drinking Horn Ordained

  • $44.00

Fantastically beautiful drinking horn in polished buffalo with a gold collar along the mouth and a gold tip on the tail.

A beautiful drinking horn made of buffalo horn!

This drinking horn is perfect as a display, decoration or for Viking markets!

No holder is included for this drinking horn. holder must be purchased separately.

The drinking horn is lacquered so that they can be used to drink from. We recommend that you wash them in soapy water before use.

The drinking horn cannot withstand machine washing.

This drinking horn is approx. 25-35cm high with holder. The drinking horn can contain 200-300ml of liquid.

Note : Since horns do not naturally come the same, color, size and curvature may vary from the image. If you want to be sure that you receive one that meets your unique wishes, you can write us an email after ordering. Unfortunately, we cannot promise a specific color or curvature.

Alternatively, you can also arrange a time to come by Roskilde and see the selection in our showroom (Only by appointment)

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