Hanging earrings Ship w/hanging oars 925s Silver

Hanging earrings Ship w/hanging oars 925s Silver

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Beautiful Celtic-inspired earrings!

These beautiful earrings are inspired by a piece of jewelry found in the town of Hallstatt in Austria. The Celts' first settlement was Hallstatt, and more than 1,000 graves have been found here. The Celts were not only warriors, but also traders and farmers, just like the Vikings, and they made many tools, weapons and jewelry,

The Celtic Age lasted from about 600 BCE to about year 0, while the Hallstatt culture lasted from about 800 to 500 BCE To give it some perspective, the Viking Age was from about 800 to 1100 CE

The earrings depict traditional ships with beautiful decorations and oars hanging from the ship.

The earrings are 23 x 13 mm (without hoop) and are made of genuine silver.

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