Christmas decoration Skuld Wood Viking

Christmas decoration Skuld Wood Viking

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Beautiful decorative motifs for the Christmas tree or the window!

This package contains 3 beautiful hanging decorations, for those who want something different from the red plastic glitter.

Wood Viking has made 3 different packages. This package contains a beautiful Icelandic rune Vegvisir (Guide), Odin's stallion Sleipner and a beautiful heart in Nordic style.

Each package is named after one of the 3 goddesses of fate who, according to legend, sit in Asgard under Yggdrasil and weave the threads of life (and cut them).

The decorations are approx. 8cm in diameter, and as written, you get all 3 motifs you can see in the picture.

This package includes:

Sleipner, Odin's stallion who can ride just as fast in the sky as on land
Guide rune: The guide rune is first mentioned in the Icelandic Huld manuscript, written by Geir Vigfússon in 1860. The guide rune is therefore not part of the Viking Age but a symbol often associated with Vikings.
Heart: A heart in a nice braided pattern of Nordic inspiration.