Mamenksen Pendant Bronze

Mamenksen Pendant Bronze

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Copy of finds made at Mammen in Jutland. Ax pendant made of bronze.

The original iron from around 850 AD. with a rune and an animal side, found at Mammen, Jutland/DK. The original piece of jewelery is now on display at Denmark's National Museum.

The ax was a powerful symbol in the Viking Age, and something associated with the strongest warriors. Here it is seen with the runes:

Sowilo / s / Sun, luck - Amulet for light/clarity and problem solving

Wunjo / w / - (Life) joy, balance - Amulet for joy and balance

Odal / o / Often associated with wealth, property and prosperity.

Algiz / z / Elk, protection - Amulet against all kinds of dangers and attacks

The pendant is 3.2 cm high and 2 cm wide. The hole the chain must pass through is 2mm large and all chains of 2mm and smaller fit this pendant.

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