Mjødgård Forest meadow (75cl)

Mjødgård Forest meadow (75cl)

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Forest Mjødgård - 15%

All the good from the Danish forests gathered in a mead. The acidity of the forest carriers provides a nice counterpoint to the honey in this mead. It has a rich bottom with the taste of the oak. A delicate and lovely aftertaste. A mead where the taste of the berries and the acidity has been allowed to dominate, which makes this mead stand out most from the other brews.

Suitable for any dessert table, served cold for cheeses, ice cream, fruit, cake and dark chocolate.

This is the brewer's favorite to brew. It is a fun meadow to put together, thanks to the many flavors in this brew.

Ingredients: Water, Danish honey, blackberry, blackcurrant, forest strawberries, ribs, oak and yeast. Guiding. 15% alcohol

This moth is also available in 35cl (Click Here)

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