Mobile Solhjulet Wood Viking

Mobile Solhjulet Wood Viking

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This fantastic symbol is known both as the Sun Wheel and as the "Wheel Cross". It is an old sign from Old Norse culture that symbolizes the sun and Odin, king of the gods. Specifically, the symbol is made up of a wheel with four symmetrical spokes, and this symbolizes the four seasons, the cycle of life, the annual movements of the sun and generally everything where life goes round and repeats itself. The sun wheel is therefore often used in Asatro rituals.

The Danish Asa- and Vanetrossamfund, Forn Sidr, uses the Sun Wheel as their "logo" or symbol for the same reason, just as Christianity is characterized, for example, by the well-known cross.

If you like Norse mythology and want a well-known symbol from the world of mythology in your home, then this mobile is a great choice! The motif is carved in black veneered wood and comes with a black satin ribbon and a copper bead for hanging. To assemble the mobile, the two parts simply click together - it doesn't get any simpler!

The motif has a width of 8 cm

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