Earrings Runes 925s Silver

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Earrings made of genuine 925s Sterling silver with runes!

We have a large selection of runes as ear studs. Choose from the list and find the set of runes that suits you best!

All the runes come in pairs and are approx. 6mm high.

You can read about the history of the runes below:

The runes were originally inspired by the Greek and Roman alphabets, but were developed into an independent writing system that was adapted to the language spoken in the Nordic and Germanic areas. It began with the runic series fu-þ-ark, which later gave the runic alphabet the name 'futhark'.

Compared to its predecessors, the futhark of the Viking Age was greatly simplified and had only a few characters. Each character was indicated by a name, which helped the runemaker to remember which sound each rune represented.

What do the runes mean:

Dagaz: number 23 - letter D
day, light - amulet for clarity and truth.

Ansuz: number 4 - letter A
ase (supreme god) - amulet for development and spirituality.

Raido: number 5 - letter R

horse ride, carriage - helps and protects on your (life) journeys.

Uruz: number 2 - letter U
(clock) ox (dust) rain - amulet for power and energy.

Wunjo: number 8 - letter W
(life) joy and balance - amulet for joy and balance.

Hagal: number 9 - letter H -
hail, challenge - Hagal helps you solve tasks and problems.

Naudiz: number 10 - letter N
need, need - Naudiz helps you take important steps.

Sowilo: number 16 - letter S
sun, luck - amulet for light/clarity and problem solving.

Pertho: number 14 - letter P
raffle cup, decision - amulet for good choices.

Algiz: number 15 - letter Z
moose, protection - amulet against all kinds of attacks and dangers.

Berkana: number 18 - letter B
birch, new beginning - Berkana helps to clean up and create new.

Ehwaz: number 19 - letter E
horse, progress - Eiwaz supports you through change and on new paths.

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