Beard / Hair Ornaments Rune U Uruz Bronze

BR 05-900--2
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Rune beard pearl in bronze.

This is the rune Uruz. It has the letter U (but can also be o, æ, y and w) and the number 2. The Uruz rune symbolizes power and energy!

Many people think that Runes are an alphabet just like the letters we use today. But runes have many meanings and actually function more as symbols. These were made a virtue out of interpreting in Viking times.

Each Rune has both a letter, a number, and its very own meaning.

If you love Viking jewelry, there is a high probability that you have a long beautiful beard, and this can of course be decorated!

With our beard pearls you can really get a beautiful and unique look that matches the authentic heart you have!

Of course, our beard pearls can also be used in the hair, for dreadlocks or as jewelry in a bracelet or necklace.

This beard pearl is 15mm long and 12mm wide. The hole is 9mm

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